Underpants in a Can - 1 pair of Underjohns.
Underpants in a Can - 1 pair of Underjohns.
Underpants in a Can - 1 pair of Underjohns.
Underpants in a Can - 1 pair of Underjohns.

Underpants in a Can - 1 pair of Underjohns.

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Here at FirstGrade, we have the world's best underpants. We call them "underjohns in a can".

Our new underpants come in four fun and colorful designs.

These are respectively:


Which has a funky design with hot pink and pizza drawn in cartoon style. The pizza's cheese imagines being in direct combat with the pizza. In addition, these underpants have green olive, pink pepperoni and light green details, including on the crust of the pizza pieces, in the background and FirstGrade's logo.

The text on the elastic of the underpants, "FirstGrade UnderJohns", is also written in the same shade of green.


There are blue-green with white stripes as a background. The motif on the underpants is donuts that turn in all sorts of directions, as if it's raining donuts.

Many of these donuts have crumbs on them in blue, yellow and white, while some donuts have FirstGrade's logo.


Which features a Paisley-inspired 0 pattern with other nature-inspired elements such as flowers and seeds. All these figures are made in a greenish yellow on the green background.

On these underpants there are also other icons, for example hearts, crowns and of course the FirstGrade logo.


There is a background of countless yellow FirstGrade logos on a blue background. On top of these are splat and splash effects in blue with a dark magenta on top.

The elastic is blue with yellow writing and yellow, horizontal stripes.

All these styles of underpants have the same high quality. All the underwear is both soft and durable. And is perfect for both big and small playboys.

We suggest that you reuse the can afterwards. It can e.g. be a nice holder for small things like pencils, pens or other desk items in a children's room. Be creative!

Material: 95% cotton - 5% elastane


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