#1 UNIQUE: Alma

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365 Day Return

First book out of 4 from the UN!K series.
Children's book 10 years+
Intermediate stage
Genre: Love

Meet Alma from UN!K

Alma absolutely loves One Direction. So much so that she manages a fan account on Instagram where she posts photos she has edited herself.
One day, one of the pictures gets a slightly strange comment from a user called Melo06.
Alma answers, and the two girls quickly become friends. They write together every day, all the time, and slowly their friendship develops into love...but can you fall in love with someone you've never met? And can Alma trust Melo to be who she says she is?

Alma's story is about the summer leading up to the first episode of the YouTube series UN!K and can be read both before and after the other books in the series.

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